Running 101

Neem will be writing most of this blog given my distinct lack of ability to write as eloquently as her!

Instead I’ll focus on a little project here. What I do know, or at least what I pretend to know is running. It’s been my passion, my friend and foe for 6 years now. It aided me through a battle with weight loss, enabled me to see visit cities, run through main thoroughfares and see everything from a different perspective.

Here are a few of my running achievements:

  • Marathons Run: 5 (San Fran, Dallas, Chicago, DC, New York)
  • Best Marathon Time: 3:28:41 (Dallas White Rock 2010)
  • Worst Time: DNF! (Marine Corps DC 2012)
  • Half Marathons Run: 15 (that I remember)
  • Best Half Marathon Time: 1:33:14 (Newport, NJ)
  • Strava Logged Runs: 457
  • Strava Logged Miles: 2,717.6 (as of Apr 20th 2015)
Finish Line at the SF Half Marathon 2014
Finish Line @ SF 2014

I often go to new cities either with work or vacation and always ask the same question when I get there.. “Do you know a good route to run?!”

I’ll try my best to give a view of everywhere I visit with this in mind, sharing all my runs on Strava through links such as the one below.

I want to get back into running on a regular basis, NY winter, work hours & lacking a good goal have taken a beating on me. I’m sure this trip will rejuvenate me.

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