One of those people

We have become one of those people. You know a friend of a friend who did it, you have seen someone at the train station who looks like them, a distant relative was talking about them at a party…. and now you know them – first hand!! Yes, we have become one of those elusive people, who pack up their bags and go traveling for an extended period of time. We cannot say, and do not want to say, that we quit our corporate jobs and are packing our bags to travel the world. But what we can say is that we are taking a sabbatical from work and routine life, to go traveling for 7 months.

This will probably not be as elusive to you if you were an American or a European, but coming from a culturally traditional place like India, I never thought I could or would do it! Another facet of this elusiveness goes beyond culture and is rooted in being in one’s comfort zone – the predisposed hesitance to change. We had floated this idea around for months and everyone around us seemed very excited for us. As the plans got real and the dates were decided, friends started discussing if they would like to do something similar and expressing their reservations with the idea. And I get it, I am definitely going to miss sitting on my comfy couch, binge-watching HBO shows with my fancy nespresso or a glass of wine. But if I don’t go on this trip I will always wonder what it is like to hang out with the locals in Bolivia or go running in secluded village in Chile (this is in Ollie’s plan) or live up close with other world travelers, learn from their experiences and make friends for life. I don’t think you need to be a tinker / gypsy / nomadic-type to be on the road for more than a few weeks nor do you need to be super rich. You can always choose a shorter period of time and cheaper countries and travel in spurts.

We know it is a bold (sometimes bordering reckless) move and definitely a luxury to actually make this a reality and we appreciate it. We want to preserve the memories of this adventure and share it with you through this blog! The only other thing we hope is to inspire you to plan a little adventure of your own or simply step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

RTW 2015
Wandering Souls RTW 2015

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