Running in New Orleans

Distance: 4.7 Miles

Feeling: Decent

City Rating: 3.5/5


With a nice breeze in the otherwise warming southern air, my first run along the Mississippi river and through the narrow, colorful streets of New Orleans was quite enjoyable. I did look for a running group to join but the only one I could find were doing a track session in the evening.

I took off from an area called the 7th Ward, 6 blocks up from the main Frenchman St area and headed south-west to Louis Armstrong Park. A nice jog around some fountains and statues led me to the exit and down south to the river. There is a very nice (albeit short) river running area there, quite busy with tourists and runners. After hitting the end, I headed back for a quieter Bourbon Street – still sleepy after last nights shenanigans. While I love traversing all of these streets, the footpaths (sidewalks) were terrible. I spent most of my time bouncing on and off of them and around traffic. I don’t like doing this too much as it puts me off my stride. It did allow me to slow down though and take in the sites and the sounds of an otherwise amazing and run-able city.

Here are some pics from the run

IMG_7162 IMG_7160 IMG_7159 IMG_7157 IMG_7156 IMG_7154

8 thoughts on “Running in New Orleans

      1. We wrote them up on our phones on our 6+ Hour bus journeys and then binge uploaded posts to the blog. There is also an email option as well to create posts. Enjoy Denver!


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