Running (not walking) in Memphis

Distance: 4.5 Miles

Feeling: Ankle Pain

City Rating: 3.25/5


I’m writing this post three days after running it. A mixture of a lot of festival going, driving, and the hope of getting out for another good run in Memphis to support this one, delayed me getting this here. Alas, I couldn’t get out and the places we’ve stayed haven’t helped.

Back to this run. Katie and I set out around the same time, heading in opposite directions. I headed to a big green area I saw on maps and she headed towards downtown where we did a lot of walking around the previous day. I think I fared better as she had to do a lot of running around in circles to avoid traffic.

As it was morning time, the 80F/26C + temperatures hadn’t hit yet, it was 71F/22C. In southern terms, a beautifully chilly morning! I got to hit the trails pretty quickly which is something I wasn’t expecting. My ankle prevented me from opening up but not from enjoying myself. The park itself is perfect for running. There’s a golf course, a zoo and a few museums to run through, which is a great break from dodging traffic. Also, if you’re not there during the Beale Street Music Festival, check out Tom Lee Park. It’s another beautiful setting for a sunset run along the Mississippi.

Here are some pics from the run

Trail Running in Memphis
Trail Running in Memphis
Two Roads Diverged - And Miles to go before I sleep
Two roads diverged, And miles to go before I sleep

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