Running in Amarillo, Texas

Distance: 4 Miles

Feeling: Decent

City Rating: 1.5/5


Show me the way to (run in) Amarillo is how I think the song should go. I didn’t enjoy this too  much. Amarillo is a town built around Route 40 it seems and the traffic definitely complemented this.

Oh Texas why do you not build sidewalks like most other cities in the US?! I did a lot of road running and unfortunately took a fall in some hole when I skipped onto some grassy area. Slightly muddied as a storm came through the night before, and a little shaken, I completed the 2nd  half a  little slower as I plodded my way back to the hotel.

Highlight of the run was the park I spent a little bit of time in but had very few pathways.

Here’s my one and only nice pic of Medical Center Park:


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