6,000 feet and climbing – Running in Colorado Springs

Distance: 5 Miles Feeling: High

City Rating: 4.25/5

Link: https://www.strava.com/activities/299875833

I have a sum total of zero experience with high altitude running. 6,200 ft. It may be nothing in the real world of high altitude running, but coming from 600 ft a week ago by the Gulf of Mexico, it hit us like a brick wall! With that said, I loved it. It was a very cool morning with a thunderstorm brewing and Neem decided (I may have pulled her out of the bed) to join me. The destination was Monument Valley Park, stretching about 2 miles from downtown Colorado Springs northwards providing a good 5 mile loop (well maybe 4.5 as I did a lot of wandering). It’s almost 100% uninterrupted trail, note no sidewalks or holes, with one quiet road to cross towards the southern part. For all the extreme trail lovers, I was a chicken and picked the recommended flat trail. We had a hike planned a few hours later and I knew I’d suffer.. I did regardless! I loved this run and think it’s been the best on the trip thus far. The ease of navigation and the Oh-My-God amazing views of the Pikes Peak, it’s surrounding mountains and the Garden of the Gods. While I huffed and puffed around the park, this will leave a long lasting memory.

Here are some pics:

IMG_0096 IMG_0095 IMG_0094 IMG_0093 IMG_0092

3 thoughts on “6,000 feet and climbing – Running in Colorado Springs

  1. Keep the running up, no more excuses, or ye’ll come back as big as houses. Making me hungry with all Neem’s writing about food 😉


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