Running in Denver

Distance: 5 Miles

Feeling: Acclimatizing

City Rating: 4/5

Link: &

Getting used to the altitude over two days of running here, I did one hilly trail run and one not so hilly street run. Both were about 30 mins south of Denver, CO around the Denver Tech Center area. What I love about Colorado is the amount of options you have for running. There are trails absolutely everywhere and a whole host of types of runs to choose from. If I was a serious runner I would seriously consider living in or around this area.My blog on Colorado Springs running also attests to this.The runs themselves were enjoyable as Denver was going through a little bit of a wet spell which which helped cool me down. The roads are quite busy around here so hit the trails for an extended, uninterrupted run. Just keep an eye out for the coyotes!

IMG_7380 IMG_7383 IMG_7384

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