Running the Grand Canyon Rim

Distance: 6.5 Miles

Feeling: Great

City Rating: 4.5/5

Link: &

A major highlight thus far. After waking up at 5am and viewing the sun rising over the Grand Canyon, Neem and I decided that as we were already wide awake then we should set off together. It was starting to warm up already but to be honest it could have been 100 degrees and it wouldn’t have deterred me from ticking my bucket list item. The trail  is well defined, it is all paved and continues for something like 12 miles around the rim and also has free buses from many points on it if you feel like just running in one direction.

Every single turn offered a view of the majestic canyon below with the sun creating shadows all around its walls. We had to stop a few times to just take in the view and take advantage of some great photo opportunities. Unfortunately one of those photo ops made me forget my keys a mile or so out on the course which added another 2.5 miles at the end when I returned. Thankfully the keys were still there when I got to the ledge!

Side note: We did the Bright Angel Trail hike down into the canyon and saw at least one person jogging out of it. I looked it up and found an ultra type challenge of running Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim in one day. It’s around 42 miles of running and it looks pretty epic. One day maybe!

IMG_7477 IMG_7496 IMG_7504 IMG_7545

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