Running the Hills of San Francisco

Distance: 4.5 Miles

Feeling: Bathmophobic

City Rating: 4/5


Back to the city of my very first Marathon, this place holds fond & painful memories which I’d never replace. A young lad called Kevin Mannion popped out of his bed to join me on the first mile or so of this run before sending me off along the waterfront on the SF Bay Trail as it’s officially called. He put me through my paces for that mile, bouncing around like a hare on speed he was so natural with the hills put in front of him. Me on the other hand treated every slope as a potential nail in the coffin for this particular run.

SF is a great city to get a good run in. The whole waterfront is built for that and biking and you can of course continue on up to the Golden Gate bridge without having to stop for traffic along the way. I love a good bit of hill training but this place is a little extreme at times. For the locals it’ll  be much easier and I think helps a lot with their fitness levels. The only other annoyance is the number of tourists, bros and basics who get in the way. Unfortunately the waterfront and the nearby parks contains a lot of these people which means the pathways are usually very busy unless you head out quite early. For our run, it was fine heading out but on the way back there was a lot of dodging selfie takers. Still though, great start to the day before we hit the Lagunitas Brewery.

Those Hills

IMG_7641 IMG_7638

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