Musical Memphis

Down the Mississippi River from New Orleans is Memphis. It has Beale street, which is the equivalent of Bourbon street of New Orleans and for history – it has a very musical one! Not that I am trying to compare it New Orleans but just brining it at par, where it should be. A quick trip in to Sun Studio reaffirming this status to us and really the only bit of tourism we did over the weekend. No we didn’t go to Graceland, we felt Elvis needed a break.

Sun Studio

Beale St.
Beale St.

We were in Memphis for the three day Beale street festival. The line up was great and the location was even better; right by the Mississippi riverfront with the evening gigs getting a beautiful and romantic backdrop of the sun setting on the river.


Check My Festival Out!
Check My Festival Out!
Rockin' by the Mississippi
Rockin’ by the Mississippi

Before entering the festival, we (of course) enjoyed the Beale street offerings. We got us some large frozen drinks from Wet Willies and watched street artists entertaining the crowds.

Over the weekend, loved watching Lenny Kravtiz, Hozier and Ed Sheeran. I also enjoyed Lindsay Sturling’s violin show. Katie (that lucky girl) bumped into her and got a selfie while ollie and me were living it up with the Avett Brothers.

IMG_5949 IMG_6001

The after party was back at Beale street with the huge crowds pouring in from all directions. We had fish bowls, which are famous on the street for being another variety of large colored drinks with mysterious alcohol in it! This led to dancing on the streets and meeting a lot of people (somehow all from Arkansas) who were excited to meet the Irish fellow.

For the first part of the after-party, we saw some cop action while gobbling up some pizza slices. A cop handcuffed two drunk men in black ties, and shoved a girl in cocktail dress (who had way too many cocktails) into the back of his black car. Given the events around police brutality, people around us were taking videos and trying to get involved. We tried our best to stay low and thankfully the cop let the trio go, making it somewhat of a let down for the blog but none the less the right thing to happen.

To continue the excitement of the night, we reached home in the wee hours of the morning only to realize that Ollie had lost his phone and wallet. His driving license in it too! Tired from the long day and fun night ollie decide to curl up on the pull-out couch and worry about the world the next morning. Katie and I were smart enough to worry about it (mainly for his license for being the solo driver on our road trip) and called our very nice Uber driver who had dropped us home. The next morning, we made a very careful 20 minute drive to Arkansas, trying not to get pulled over and checked by cops to pick up the phone, wallet and license.

Monday morning was very early and a bit teary, as we dropped Katie off to the airport. And then there were two!!

Bye Bye Memphis & Katie
Bye Bye Memphis Sunsets & Katie’s Craic

Places Visited:

  • Memphis, TN
  • Arkansas (Brief iPhone Hunt!)

Recommended Vegetarian Eats:

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