Cadillacs, Campers & Capulin

Amarillo is an in and out type of city, We got out as quickly as we got in. Driving out of Amarillo, we stopped at the Cadillac Ranch – a humongous field with about 10 Cadillac cars inverted in the ground with graffiti all over it. Art! Of course we put our names in there too.

Making Our Mark
Making our mark


America loves museums! There are museums of everything. Our pick of the day was Jack Sismore RV museum, showcasing vintage RVs and Harley bikes.

The only time she's getting behind the wheel!
The only time she’s getting behind the wheel!
He'd look good in the 60's
He’d look good in the 60’s

Having decided to skip Albuquerque and Santa Fe, in favor of spending more time in Colorado, we headed for New Mexico. Near the village of Folsom, with a population of only 80 people, we went to see the Capulin volcano. Apparently considered young for being only 3 million years old. With 20 minutes to the volcano, we came across a “busy” highway junction. There were two places in addition to a gas station. Whoa! After peaking into the terrible tex mex place we ordered lunch in a deli / souvenier shop called Sugar Shack. We debated bringing the lunch with us to the volcano but thankfully dropped the idea. What we thought of as 20 minutes was actually an hour and 20 minutes drive remaining. Ollie blamed Garmin for being too correct. Who knew time zone changes even before hitting Colorado? probably everyone but us.

Walking around the one mile rim of the volcano’s crater we were blown away (sometimes literally, it was a very windy day!) by the views outside and inside of actually looking into the mouth of the volcano. From the highest point of the crater we could see four states – mountains in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado as well as the plains of Texas. We clicked photos but they don’t do justice to this gorgeous 8,000 feet high volcano. The winds were rattling the trees on the volcano. Serene. Scary. Scenic. On our way down we caught three mule deer in a line staring at us, trying to cross the road in front of our car. I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to get a good click.

Capulan from the road
Capulin from the road
Inside The Rim
New Mexico & Us

 Weaving through the mountains we made our way into Colorado. Our evening coffee stop was at Pueblo, a small town in Colorado, with a lovely man-made river and boardwalk. Other than a very mean waitress who almost prevented Ollie from using the restroom (after a lot of hours of driving I might add), it was a nice little town. She could have caused a major natural disaster!

King Puck of Pueblo
King Puck of Pueblo


Onwards to Colorado Springs we went, and after another mammoth day of driving we were welcomed to an awesome sight of sunset over the Front Range of the southern Rocky Mountains.

One of the mountains on the Front Range overlooking Colorado Springs
One of the mountains on the Front Range overlooking Colorado Springs

We decided to skip dinner that night and instead put our budget towards getting a 12-pack of local Colorado beer. It was a very homely night of instant noodles and beer accompanied by some mindless tv in Colorado Springs! You may notice a theme with home cooking and instant noodles over the next 3 weeks of blog posts by the way. Don’t judge; budget is budget!

Cities visited: Amarillo, Folsom, Texas, Pueblo, Colorado Springs

Recommended eats: instant ramen noodles and Beer De Colorado!

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