Living on the edge!

Despite having decided against it, we took the mountainous road to Grand Canyon. We had the snow storm chasing us through the Rocky Mountains and we tried not to question our decision. It was a beautiful snow drive and made us feel like it was Christmas again. But neither us nor our car was prepared for the cold and snow. Wasn’t it supposed to be a summer holiday? On our way down the mountains I saw a sign pointing for ‘run away vehicle’ totally not knowing what it means. There was a 9 mile stretch downhill in the rio grande forest and we saw the need for that sign. It was a dangerously steep road and become slippery due to the snowfall. Our car tires were not meant for this lifestyle and Ollie held on to the steering wheel with his life. I think we probably even forgot to breathe for a couple of minutes when the car started to skid. For what seemed like a few minutes but was actually about 2 seconds I’m pretty sure, the car had a mind of it’s own and wandered away down the slope, getting closer and closer to a truck in front of us. Down the hill we saw an up-slope at the side of the mountain meant for vehicles who lose control and are running down to help them brake. The sign and the up-slope started to make sense now but thankfully we didn’t have to make any use of them, albeit very close!

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Catching our breath from the stunning views and unexpected drive, we stopped for the night at pagosa springs. It was a beautiful little town sprinkled with lots of breweries, pubs and outdoor touring activities. The much deserved pizza and good craft beer were wolfed down by us at the Wolf brewery!

The next morning we crossed a part of the San Juan national forest to Durango, which is also know for its breweries. We stopped at the only point in USA where four states meet.

Push Up @ The Four Corners
Push Up @ The Four Corners

Driving through the desert now and worried of not finding a good lunch spot, we picked up mini skinny green burritos at a gas station for $1.37. As you can guess, this was probably not one of our best lunches on our road trip. We went to the Cantalope Canyons in Page and took the less famous south entrance. Going down into the canyon, I had to succumb to the fact that such beautiful places are created by nature (over millions of years) and are not just photoshop masterpieces for calendar pictures. We got great clicks even with our iPhone 6! This was a native Indian American owned place and they have stricter rules (no food or water and alcohol not even allowed on their premises) and a lot of culture and history. Our tour guide, Elianor, who was Indian too, usually did photography tours and showed us how to capture the beauty of this canyon. We were amazed by how this canyon was formed – floods and rains draining through it causing each line. There was a funny charming 82 year old gentleman on the tour who had 9 kids, live in a boat house in Portland (of course) and made the tour even more interesting. Words, photos or videos can’t begin to describe the beauty of these canyons, it really is a must visit place.

“Charming” Tom

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We stopped at a gas station and ate a pickle. This seemed to the be the norm around the Indian resveration.s they even sold cool-aid pickles. I didn’t have the courage to try that but I Id dry the regular pickle. It was tasty but I had a dodgy stomach after. I was trying to guess whether it was from the pickle or the gas station burritos.

The culprit pickle

Just a couple of photos from the amazing views between Antelope Canyon and The Grand Canyon


18604991151_67af325f91_z 17982210483_9f658915ce_z
We were totally lost in time zone differences as Navajo Indian Reserves have its own time zone and pacific time zones kicks in at Grand Canyon.. Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time but Navajo Reserves does. Go Figure. We entered Grand Canyon late evening with the snow storm tailing us and we knew we had about 24 hours to enjoy the Grand Canyon!

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