Anchorage Running

Distance: 4 Miles

Feeling: High on Alaskan sunshine

City Rating: 4.5/5


My final running post on U.S.A, and what a place to finish. The city of lights and flowers in the last frontier. We were undergoing some crazy 20 hours of daylight when we were there so it was very bright when I headed out for this run on a clear & sunny day. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail (named after a retired marathoner, past Anchorage Mayor no less), is close to the best city linked trail I’ve come across. It’s 12 miles of scenic, windy, rolling, paved trails with Foxes, Moose, bald eagles and much more wildlife to see on the way. It’s not just wildlife which is on offer here. There are some spectacular views of downtown Anchorage city itself, Cook Inlet and Mt. Mckinley all the way in Denali National Park in the distance.

Over the my few days there, I hit the trail twice to run and another time with Neem for a cycle. It goes all the way out past the airport where the planes take off right in front of you and soars right over your head. I felt great in Alaska. The place we stayed was comfortable and the people we met had a great love for the outdoors. This was the environment we were looking for and we were delighted to have found it. It was why we came to Alaska in the first place.

The best thing about running in Anchorage is this trail. The worst thing is it’s not a loop. You won’t want to stop but you’ll need to remember to turn around!

Photos are on the strava link above.

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