Seattle Running

Distance: 4.1 Miles

Feeling: Sore and old

City Rating: 3.5/5


Seattle brought memories of SF Running flooding back. The inability to avoid some tough hills while getting to and from the waterfront kept me from loving this. I do love some hills at times but I remember this day very well. After finishing our monstrous drive around the U.S., my ankle was suffering badly. It’s probably me being old and cranky.It is me being old and cranky actually. We’d spent our second ever night in a hostel full of young go-getters.

Anyways, Seattle in undergoing a huge waterfront project to get rid of all the ugly flyovers ruining the view from the city out over the bay. Unfortunately this ruined my waterfront run as I had to weave through some construction and then onto broken sidewalks. There were quite a few runners out that day, which led me to believe that my route wasn’t a bad one, but shows the normal pain runners have to go through here until this project is complete.

The highlight of the run was passing the city’s football (CenturyLink Field) and baseball (Saco Field) parks while also passing the famous Public Market while it was still being set up and quite empty of tourists.

Some nice pics are on the above strava link.

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