Sleeping Amongst Giants

The drive through the Avenue of the Giants put us in awe of nature again. The size of the trees was unimaginable! They are well preserved by the Rangers of the park and people were not allowed to climb or harm the trees. Not even the fallen ones. And there were lots of them with roots and trunk sizes that were bigger than our apartment.
World’s tallest free-standing totem pole:
Founders Tree with Ollie the tree hugger:
Inside the roots of a fallen tree:
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox (Random Roadside Attraction):
After a couple of days being way too fond of ourselves in SF, it was time to get down and dirty in campsites again. I was a little nauseas from the winding roads and disoriented from the humongous trees. We randomly stopped early at a campsite and secured a spot by the river. I think this might have been one of my favorite sites – no fear of bears, not very big, sparsely populated and river backdrop.  It was time to cook our not-so-instant noodles as we only had one pot for our camping cooking ware.
After next mornings coffee and peanut butter sandwich, it was confirmed that I might be slightly allergic to peanut butter. It was time to switch to Nutella much to Ollie’s disgust. Lunch was at the Lighthouse cafe in a town by the bay and seemed to be known for their mashed potato cone! Of course Ollie had to get his spuds on. Ollie Says: Great Spuds, everything else was just too random.
Our next camping stop was in Cape Blanco in south Oregan, full of birch trees, rustling in the wind. It’s a mountain by the sea and made for a great romantic sunset scene.
We were getting better with our noodle cooking but also getting a bit tired of their unintentional BBQ smoky taste. We made up for it with amazing homemade style breakfast with a great host in small town called Coos Bay.
What we really love about unplanned traveling is the ability to change decisions whenever we want. We used to always book hotels on arrival or just an hour or two before. We decided to head east instead of north along the coast. After two days camping and after skipping Napa Valley, we had only one thing on our mind. It was time to treat ourselves and sample the under rated Oregon wine country!

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