Most of you viewing our blog probably know us, but here is us in a nutshell.

Oliver (Ollie) comes from the lush green land of Jameson and Guinness. Growing up with his mother’s yummy cooking, he was well fed and watered to go to the UK and start life in the real world. After 3 years of shenanigans with the lads from his college, opportunity came knocking and Ollie jumped on it, to move to the US of A.Β He did not have to go far to look for love once he meet the chirpy Indian girl living right in his apartment – Neem.

Neem was born and raised in the city that never sleeps – Bombay (Mumbai). She moved to snowy Syracuse to study and spend two wonderful years making great memories with her new-found friends. She was then lured to the other city that never sleeps – New York City, for work, and felt right at home. She couldn’t have ask for more when Ollie moved in and decided he wanted Neem as his room-mate forever!

After 3 fun-filled weddings in 3 different continents with family, friends and loved ones, they did not want the adventure to stop. Neem planted the seed of uprooting the life they had built for themselves and Ollie could not resist the idea. Both their employers succumbed, giving them the permission to defy logic and hit the road. With that, they packed just one bag each to go traveling around half the world.

These are the adventures of Neem and Ollie in 2015!

Us in a nutshell


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